March 13th, 2018


Many people have heard that Solar panels are now very affordable and can reduce your total energy bill or even allow you to run your house for free, but what is the real story? You really need to study it properly and make an informed choice, so the following points will help you decide if it’s for you or not:

  • Cost

    The price for residential photovoltaic system, a six kilowatt solar panel system of the type that is suitable for the average residential home has reduced to around $20,000 from the $60,000 it would have cost 15 years ago. Then in most areas, you can get very generous tax credits or incentives to reduce the cost even more, but still, it is a significant expense and solar might not be the right answer for everyone.The government is offering interest free loans for those that qualify so you do not need to raise the cash yourself and the savings you make often over 50% of your current power bill will help pay the loan back over 7 to 10 years
    Since April 2018 it has been possible to get a complete solar system valued from $15,000 free of charge if you sign a 20 year contract to purchase power from the company. This is a good investment opportunity as there are no upfront fees and you will save from 30% to 50% on your power bill.

  • Advantages of Solar

    Having a properly installed solar system in your home means you can have power even when there is a power cut in your area. It is safe, clean and quiet.If you use your major appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washing machines, pool pumps and heavy equipment during the daytime when there is sun they will draw power from your solar system. Once the sun goes down you will be relying on batteries and then power from the national grid so most of your usage should be during the sunny part of the day.

  • Your Situation and Efficiency

    Depending on where you live and the amount of sun you can expect on your roof is an important factor in deciding whether or not is advisable for you to install solar panels for your particular situation. Call your local Electrical installation company and get a quote and report on the effectiveness of solar for your home
    Solar panels now last for approximately 25 years and batteries have a warranty of 10 years, so they are a very good long term investment.

As long as you have a roof area where you can place the panels that is clear enough so it gets a full day of sunshine solar systems are a great solution for anyone on the Gold Coast who wants a reliable way to reduce their power bills. All homes can benefit from solar power, especially with the expected power price increases expected and possible shortages of supply because of demand.

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