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Why you should hire Mag Elect Commercial Electrician Ormeau?

The fully qualified commercial electricians Ormeau at mag electrical provide a complete commercial electrical service that is second to none. The friendly and personalised service you will always receive, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week comes with electricians who understand the local Queensland regulations and technical issues involved with electrical installations where there is a high risk to the general public and your own work force

At MAG Electric we guarantee the workmanship and safety of every aspect of every job we do and make sure that the job is done to the highest standards of workmanship in the shortest possible time by our highly trained technical experts.

Too large or too small, we will give you a quote for all a you need to be completed along with a time frame of when it can be completed This will help plan for the least amount of disruption and or down time possible to be experienced by your business while routine maintenance, new installations, upgrades or repairs are completed.

  • Some of the services we offer are
  • Commercial Insulations of plant
  • Commercial Automation
  • Sports field and complex lighting
  • Pumping services for golf courses and parks
  • Irrigation for agriculture
  • Electrical services for fish farms, pumping, oxidation and lighting
  • Auto service centers and fuel pump services
  • Irrigation pump services
  • Motor control system
  • School electrical installations

At Mag Electrical we strive to offer the best commercial electrician service on the Ormeau at the most completive price while offering a friendly personalised service.

What is a Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is a professional who works on construction sites, in commercial buildings as well as on mechanical electrical systems. The type of work they commonly do is the installation of lighting, water heaters, security systems, electronic monitoring and surveillance systems, electronic key and entry systems and other types of systems required in the commercial and service industries

Commercial electricians are also involved with repairs and upgrades as well as trouble-shooting systems, so problems can be isolated and repaired. They are skilled at locating and dealing with faulty wiring and components.

A commercial electrician is very highly trained and must complete practical training under a Master Electrician so they reach the highest standards as much of their work is in areas that can affect public safety

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Commercial Electrician Ormeau

There’s no substitute for experience and quality, which is why you should always hire an experienced commercial electrician  Ormeau. They have years of experience on the job and are versed in all the safety requirements.

Your local Commercial electrician Ormeau can offer the most cost-effective service for:

  • All High-capacity electrical systems that are capable of handling all the equipment and modern technology in your building
  • Installing systems that give you room to grow and expand as opportunities arise
  • Superior lighting design which includes the latest in innovations. Complete installation to ensure it functions well and also looks beautiful when you turn the lights on
  • Communications and data cabling that’s state or the art to keep your computers, smartphones and other devices connected online, along with electrical-bearing systems, you may require such as fiber optics and Power-over-Ethernet cabling
  • Automated systems designed so you have the latest techs and in house options available for electrical control of your building
  • Computer controlled environmental systems, saving you time and money to create optimal environments for everyone at every part of the building and right throughout the workday
  • Security that includes motion detectors, photocells, time clocks and more to control outdoor and indoor security lighting and camera systems for your observational and safety needs
  • Three-phase electrical systems, for powering commercial & industrial equipment, which many electricians are usually not qualified for
  • Solar power options, both on-roof panel installations and other types of alternative power to reduce your reliance on the expensive municipal power grid

Having a professional, fully qualified and trustworthy electrician looking after your valuable commercial property gives you peace of mind and confidence to relax when away from your business.

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