How To Choose The Best Commercial Electrical Contractors?

May 14th, 2019


Finding the right commercial electrician on the Gold Coast whether you’re planning to retrofit your premises, remodelling or building, will ensure your project is successful and completed on time.

These tips will help you find the right commercial electrician for your business

Get Recommendations

Family, friends and other business in your area will often be a good place to start looking. Ask them about the jobs they had done and if they were satisfied with the overall job and workmanship of the electrician’s when they finished the job

Ask at the local hardware and electrical supply companies, they usually have a short list of trusted and well proven commercial electricians they recommend to their customers.

Verify their Licences and Insurance covers

In Queensland, only fully qualified and licensed commercial electricians are allowed to work on commercial sites. Always check that all their documentation is current and legally allows them to work on your job. Do they have the appropriate public liability covers? If you fail to do this you could be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to anyone, do not place yourself at risk.

Experience and Training

Evaluate your electrician on the work they have already carried out by asking for references and numbers of their previous customers, if they do not have any, the chances are they are either inexperienced or have not completed satisfactory work. Ask to see their certification and work evaluation for companies they have worked for. Find out where they trained and to which levels.

If they work for a company it is easy to Google and check their website and reviews, you can find out if they have done similar jobs to yours. Ask the local electrical inspectors for a list of commercial electricians who they can recommend for your type of job. If there are contractors that they do not know or have not heard of, then possibly they should be avoided.

Cost is only one factor

A commercial electrician is a tradesman who is in high demand and although they need to be competitive in their charging there is some variation in prices. Be wary of a quote that is very low as this can mean substandard work because the electrician has to hurry the job to make their basic hourly rate. Sometimes an electrician from out of your area may be offering an attractive quote, but be sure to consider travel times and expenses as well as their availability for emergency situations.

When selecting a commercial electrician on the Gold Coast, it’s important they are easy to talk with and understand just what you require, a sure she’ll be right attitude is not the best when they have to deal with your staff and work around customers who may be inconvenienced by the work in progress. Are they prepared to work outside normal working hours and will they ensure that any mess or equipment is removed as they work? Do they give a written guarantee?

Finding the right quality tradesman is really a matter of talking to other businesses and people you know, who have had similar work done to find the right commercial electrician to complete your project. You need to ensure that all their licenses, insurances and references are authentic.

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