How Your Business Can Get Benefit From A Commercial Energy Audit

April 11th, 2019

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Switching to more energy efficient and improved operating system to run your business can result in an array of benefits. Ask your commercial electrician on the Gold Coast to complete a commercial Energy Audit at your place of business today.

Some of the benefits you can expect:

  • A positive PR review because of your new “Green” status
  • Improved employee comfort and resulting productivity
  • Improved occupancy levels from tenets
  • An enhanced brand recognition and customer loyalty
  • A healthier work environment with a reduction of such things as mildew and toxic emissions as well as minimal radiation levels from modern equipment
  • A reduced energy and general utility bill each month
  • Reduced running and maintenance costs
  • The benefit of modern technologies such as smart devices to control environmental devices and business equipment
  • A reduced amount of downtime because of environmental stress
  • A reduction in downtime because of equipment malfunctions with increased reliability as well as an extended working life

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a total in depth study of all the energy levels in every area of your business. Measurements are taken inside, outside and room by room to examine and find your energy usage and current efficiency levels.

With this information and the known achievable savings that could be made a commercial electrician will be able to create a customised, cost effective energy usage plan to minimise your energy use and costs.

An energy audit will save your money

Studies reveal that at least thirty percent of the energy used in most businesses is wasted, that’s one third of your energy bill going down the drain for nothing. With the skyrocketing energy cost on the Coast, this could represent a large saving and more money in your pocket.

Energy audits can improve health and safety

An energy audit will reveal potentially dangerous problems so they can be repaired before they become a safety issue. Many older appliances and office equipment could be a health hazard.

Increased comfort levels

During an energy audit, insulation failures can be fixed or improved allowing your utility cost to be reduced while enjoying a better thermal envelope. Your air conditioning system will be able to operate at peak efficiency levels and the flow on will be a higher quality workspace with increased productivity.

Environmental Protection

Your energy audit will ensure you are doing your part to protect the environment and reduce fossil fuel pollution creating a better future or everyone. Even just addressing your lighting usages and finding a better solution can result in big energy savings.

Once you’re Audited

Your commercial electrician on the Gold Coast is a highly trained and experienced technician who will not only provide you with a comprehensive energy audit, but will be able to help implement the recommendations of the audit to obtain the best and most efficient operating system for your business.

Having your own commercial energy audit by a fully trained commercial electrician will help to boost your business by increasing the comfort and safety levels for all people in your building as well as saving on your utility expenses because your building is more cost effective and efficient.

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