Things To Consider When Hiring Electrical Contractors

April 25th, 2019


When you have a home or any commercial building, whether you build new or purchase an existing place it represents a substantial financial investment. The idea of skimping on something as important as the electrical system is absurd. Trying to save a few thousand dollars and putting your family or business at risk just does not make any sense at all. Use the best commercial electrician you can find on the Gold Coast to ensure your assets are well protected.

Having a contract with a fully qualified and experienced commercial electrician to complete all your residential and commercial installations means you are fully covered. Allowing an unqualified electrician to work on any of your properties could mean you’re liable for any problems, accident and loss of property or life because of their negligence.

While there is always the possibility of equipment malfunctions, a qualified commercial electrician will install your wiring and with the correct safety features and protection so it responds to any threat by isolating the problem and reducing all the possible threats. This is done by following the best practice codes and regulations.

When you’re looking for an electrical contractor

Do not consider anyone who does not have the right qualifications, they should also be able to supply you with:

  • Their electrical License
  • Proof of their full comprehensive insurance that covers their work and your property. They should also have a worker’s compensation cover so they are covered for any accidents or injuries while on your job
  • Evidence of successfully completing other similar contracts
  • References from other satisfied customers
  • Evidence, of their good reputation and reliability
  • Evidence, they meet all relevant legal, professional safety requirements

A professional commercial electrician should have enough confidence in their work to be able to give you a full written guarantee that their work and the finished job will be of the highest standard and pass any inspection.


High-quality craftsmen such as commercial electricians on the Gold Coast are in high demand, so you can expect that they are not always available, but you need an assurance before you agree to the contract that they will be available during the time required as well as being available for any required changes discussions or updates that may happen during the contract.

Site Responsibility

You need to clarify that your commercial electrician will clean up during and after completing the contract, they will remove all parts, dirt and debris, leaving your premises tidy, clean and free of any obstacles that could be problematical for your business or home life.

Reasonable pricing

It is advisable to get several quotes for your contract, but do not necessarily take the lowest quote, go for the one that offers the highest quality for money and the best service. A very low quote could mean low-quality workmanship and products.


All electrical work needs to have the correct signed documentation required by government regulation and diagrams that other electricians can follow and understand easily.

Hiring the right commercial electrician on the Gold Coast ensures the whole job will comply with the local regulations, be safe and affordable. If a contractor is unable to provide clear documentation and the right answers you should look for another.

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