Tips For Choosing A Qualified Electrician With Experience

March 25th, 2019


Finding and choosing the right reliable and professional commercial electrician is often a difficult task. The nature of commercial electrical work requires a professional that has a certain skill set as well as the right level of experience. Whether you require work done on high rise constructions, offices, warehouses or building sites, a commercial electrician on the Gold Coast requires a high level of knowledge and skill.

Commercial electrical work quite often focuses on providing solutions to issues or problems that are directly related to a specific business or type of construction a particular site. This could be lighting solutions that will provide the best and most efficient outcome for a client or planning and installing data cabling for main centers or workstations to optimise a business’s performance and benefit both employees and management.

Apart from excellent workmanship and safety skills, a commercial electrician must be adaptable, versatile and cost-effective. Having last minute changes in commercial work plans and new developments is often a day to day challenge for those who choose to be a commercial electrician.

The ability to adapt and alter plans is a vital part of the job. The commercial sector always requires creativity and experience that makes working it an exciting area of work for us.

Look for a commercial electrician on the Gold Coast that services the general area where your business is situated. Often you may require their services at short notices or after normal working hours as commercial electrical installations can break down anytime. Time is money and you require them to be prepared to assist when needed. Usually, someone from out of your area will not want to travel or will charge a high fee for doing so.

You need a reliable and competent commercial electrician who has experience in a large variety of commercial applications such as offices, body corporate properties, commercial building sites, factories, shopping centers, supermarkets and all other commercial buildings. They should be competent in dealing with:

  • The design and installation of Commercial fit-outs including lighting, power and data
  • Electrical safety tagging and testing of large scale commercial sites
  • Commercial switchboard installation and upgrades
  • Lighting solutions, indoor and external
  • General commercial maintenance
  • One and three phase power installation
  • Installation, servicing and maintenance of workstations
  • Thermographic testing and reporting

Commercial electrical work is not an area that all electrical contractors can handle. Make sure that when choosing the right commercial electrician you pick one that has all the right experience and qualifications to do the job so your project is safe and successful.

It is always important that once you find a commercial electrician on the Gold Coast that you check their work history. Talk with businesses that they have worked on and ask for references that have names and addresses so you can verify their authenticity as well as talk directly with their other clients. Just seeing a company on a pretty web site is not enough to guarantee you will receive the right outcome.

When you require a qualified commercial electrician for your business you need to make sure they have a good work history and really do know what they are doing. Check them out by talking with those businesses they have worked with.

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